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As an 11 year old living in Ryley, Alberta, I would look out my window across the prairies, while listening to my Radio Shack Crystal Radio which I built from a kit, and dream of one day having a record or maybe my own radio show.
My parents bought me two presents for my 12th birthday: A Hohner classical guitar (which I still use in my Grade 2 classroom), and tickets to see Laura Vinson and Red Wing at the Holden Theatre (this would be about 1979). I was very excited by her performance, and after the show my mother and I spoke briefly with her. She was very encouraging, and I couldn’t wait to get home to practice my guitar. Alas, I tried to teach myself over the years and was not successful.
Then the guitar made the rounds through my brother, my mother and my sister, before returning to me around the time of my 25th birthday. My present to myself that year was guitar lessons. Over the years I have performed as a folk musician and children’s performer, first with covers and eventually writing enough original material to record a CD in my basement in 2003.

About 1-1/2 years ago I started recording public-domain audio books for, which led to producing my current podcasts (on demand Internet audio shows). I am just amazed that now at 39, I have both the record and the radio show, and I recorded them in my own basement! I was thrilled to sit down with Laura Vinson at the Canturbury Folk Festival in Ingersoll to discuss her career and Songwriting. to record an upcoming episode of For the Sake of the Song.

Laura Vinson has been writing and performing songs in Alberta, and all over the world, for over 30 years. She first fronted the country band, Laura Vinson and Red Wing. For many years she has performed in a folk-world genre with Free Spirit.


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Laura Vinson

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Scott Cooper, Rob Szabo and band

Today I have a two for one deal for you. Instead of one awesome guest songwriter, I had two songwriters drop by my home. Scott Cooper grew up in Midland and he was in town because on September 15, he had the hometown release of his third CD, tiny increments. At the CD release, Scott performed with a hot seven piece band which included his producer and bandmate, Rob Szabo. Rob opened the concert with a brilliant solo acoustic set of pop flavored, rhythmic, lyrical gems. Rob also has two cds available for purchase on his website, the most recent is: Like a Metaphor.

The next day, the three of us sat down in my rec room to record an episode of For the Sake of the Song. Part of the discussion was about the various services indie musicians can use to sell their music online. (Yah, Yah– I’ve got to get around to getting my music on itunes and available for online purchase). I enjoyed the concert and the discussion so much that I edited the show immediately and bumped it up my 3 month long queue of shows that are read, so just a few days after the event, please enjoy my interview with Scott Cooper and Rob Szabo.


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Goodbye City ( © Scott Cooper)

Hitchiker Smile ( © Rob Szabo)

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Rob Szabo homepage

Rob Szabo on Myspace

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Scott Cooper homepage

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CD Baby
Jane Sibbery– Issa
Song Slide

Jack Ward- Sonic Society
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My summer of podcasting is now officially over. Unless the mood strikes me to record a special episode, I will be releasing shows this fall on a 10 day cycle on the 10th, 20th and 3oth of the month. I have 9 shows recorded and scheduled up to December 10, and I have 4 shows recorded and ready to edit.

I noticed on my friend Jennifer’s website that people are still finding it hard to navigate my Past Podcasts Page. I hope that this handy table makes it easier for all of my new listeners to find and catch up on my past episodes.

You can find links to all past episodes below. Click on the episode number for shownotes, the guest’s name for their website, the blue triangle to listen on this page, or download to download the episode.

Episode Shownotes Guest (and Website) Listen
Episode 01 Steve Porter
RussTV! Russ Clayton’s Youtube Show
Episode 02 Jay Moonah
Episode 03 Live at Jives
Episode 04 New Song: Angels
Episode 05 Ken Allen
Episode 06 Aaron Howes
Episode 7 Pushbuttons
Episode 8
John Wort Hannam
Episode 9 Russ Clayton
Episode 10 Chuck Baker
Episode 11 Alyssa Wright
Episode 12 Brian Rawlins
Episode 13 George Scott
Episode 14 Ron Belanger
Episode 15 Canada Day Special with Jowi Taylor
Episode 16 Jim Lowndes
Episode 17 Paul Court
Episode 18 Greg Hobbs
Episode 19 Nancy Dutra
Episode 20 Wendell Ferguson
Episode 21 Hammel on Trial
Episode 22 Magoo
Episode 23 End of Summer of Podcasting
Episode 24 Luther Wright
Episode 25 Dan Frechette
Episode 26 Scott Cooper and Rob Szabo
Episode 27 Laura Vinson
  I’m a Guest on RussTV– Again…  
Episode 28 Steve Caston
Episode 28b Toronto Streetlight Bass
Episode 29 Olivia Duck
Episode 30 The Good Tangerines
Episode 31 David Bradstreet


The following guests will be appearing on upcoming episodes of For the Sake of the Song, in no particular order. Feel free to email me at for suggestions of guests I should interview in the future.

As always, this list is subject to change based on my whims and the quirks of wordpress sending them out early.

  1. November 20 Bob Ardern
  2. November 30 Bob Snider
  3. December 10    Bri-Anne Swan
  4. December 20 Bryan Murdaugh
  5. January 10 Peter Judd
  6. January 20 John Lunman
  7. January 30 The Undesirables: Corin Raymond and Sean Cotton
  8. Mark Blevis
  9. Manitoba Hal Brolund
  10. Trout Fishing in America???

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Dan Frechette at Minesing Unplugged Festival

At the Minesing Unplugged Festival, I had the opportunity to speak with Dan Frechette. Dan is an iternerant folk singer and songwriter who is based in Winnipeg. It turns out that he also owns a Zoom H4 recorder, so we know he has good taste.


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My Canada ( © Dan Frechette)

It’s a Game (©2003 S. McGaughey)

The Drunkard ( © Dan Frechette)

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Dan Frechette home page

Dan Frechette on Myspace

Buy Dan’s CD, Lucky Day at CD Baby

Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour

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Luther Wright

Luther Wright has been a mainstay of Canadian music scene for many years, first as a member of Weeping Tile, with Sarah Harmer, and for the last several years as frontman for Luther Wright and the Wrongs. I was able to sit down with him at the inesing Unplugged Festival for a wide-ranging discussion on songwriting and the music community.


Theme Music: For the Sake of the Song (©2003 S. McGaughey)

All the Glory ( © Luther Wright)

Something Beautiful ( © Luther Wright)
Name Dropping

Whoa too many names to mention in this show.

Luther Wright and the Wrongs

Luther Wright & the Wrongs myspace site

Jenny Whiteley
Sarah Harmer
Chris Brown & Kate Fenner
The Hank & Lily Show