Sean McGaughey is a father, teacher, musician and podcaster living on the shores of Georgian Bay in North-Central Ontario. This page will become the home for all my web endeavors.

The idea of a video business card was suggested for Podcamp London. Here is mine.

On December 6, 2003, I invited about 30 friend’s and family to my basement wreck room for a live recording of original songs.

My friend Russ Clayton brought his digital studio and recorded the performance.

A live CD For the Sake of the Song was released in November 2004.

For the Sake of the Song CD cover

All songs from the album can also be downloaded for free at McGaughey

orSoundClick Now!.
speakerListen to the all my available songs on as a streaming radio feed.

Or go to my lyrics page to listen to individual songs and read their lyrics.

Download my bio to find out more about my musical endeavors.

Sean’s Musical Biography

If you would like to purchase a physical copy of the CD from me, I do not have online distribution set up at this time, but you can contact me directly and we can set something up.

You can contact me through the comments on this page or ductapeguy (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Here are a few videos of me playing my music.

For the Sake of the Song at the Good Vibes Coffeehouse
I have also been a guest a couple of times on RussTV, a children’s program on Youtube hosted by my good friend Russ Clayton.

Here is Russ Singing my signature song, The Ductape Song, which he recorded on one of his CDs, followed by Russ and I singing Down By the Bay.

Another Episode where I was the Guest on RussTV.