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Ecne-waitingvery summer since my daughter was about 4, my family has spent one or two days at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto.  Last year, on their facebook page, I read about their Official CNE Blogger contest too late to enter.   This year I watched their webpage and began to write a 250 word entry on the day the contest was opened– then I procrastinated until the last day and wrote and revised an exactly 250 word entry while we were camping in Pennsylvania.  Last minute effort or not, I have been selected as one of 10 2013 CNE bloggers. Tonight I went to an orientation meeting on the Ex grounds for the 10 selected bloggers.


This year, the CNE runs from August 16 to Labour Day. I am looking forward to exploring the fair with a bunch of my friends and family members, then writing, podcasting, and vidcasting our experiences.  Here is a brief introductory podcast of the post I sent as my entry.


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July 24-28, I attended FAWMSTOCK, a gathering for songwriters from around the world who have participated in February Album Writing Month.  About 30 musicians from Canada, the United States and Europe gathered at the Emlenton Mill in Emlenton, PA for 3 days of music and merriment.  This show features some of the music from FAWMSTOCK along with some of my reflections about the event.

As always, the music is copyright its respective authors.


Coffee is Magic:  erinkelsey3, emkeev, devin, ductapeguy, Steven Wesley Guiles

Doctor Holloway: emkeev

Take the Plunge:  Steven Wesley Guiles   with Debs,

Opposite Girl: standup, nancyrost

Across the Rivernancyrost and Monty

Used to be an Oil Town: ductapeguy,Steven Wesley Guileserinkelsey3Negasi

Beam Me Up: Eric Distadburrsettles,  devin

I Am Your Number: Das Binky, adamhill, kristian,

Night Drive: ductapeguy, natrin, Steven Wesley Guiles, erinkelsey

Thank You (For The Weekend): Billy Sea



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Had way too much fun at the Emlenton Mill in Emlenton PA. 30+ songwriters from all over the world gathered for FAWMSTOCK, an in person gathering of February Album Writing Month participants. I wrote 6 songs with a bunch of nice people. Check out my to hear them.
’nuff words. Here are pictures and music.

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5090_logoDuring February Album Writing Month, I wrote 20 songs, then 5 more in the months since. Last week I signed on for the 50/90 music challenge: write 50 songs in 90 days starting on July 4. I am not intending to write 50. I mostly signed on to keep connected with the writers I met during FAWM. But allasudden I find I have written 5 new songs in 6 days. The jukebox below will play all the songs I have written during 50/90. It magically updates so can always listen to my newest songs.

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This Friday, May 24, 2013, The Orillia Folk Society closes out it’s Fridayfolk Season with a special 10th anniversary showcase of 10 performers from the Barrie and District Association for Singer/Songwriters (aka BADAS/S).

Leacock Museum’s Swanmore Terrace
50 Museum Drive, Orillia
7:30 pm (doors opens at 6:45)

Tickets are $15 and can be reserved at the Mariposa Office (in person at 10 Peter Street or reserve by phone for ticket pick up at the door 705-326-3655). (cash or cheque only)

Last December, out of our 25+ members, we drew 10 names out of a hat to perform 2 songs at this showcase. I was not initially selected to perform, but we had a last minute cancellation from one of the performers today, so I’m thrilled that I get to be a part of this evening of great music.  I joined BADAS/S in April or May of 2003, so I have been a member for almost all of it’s 10 + year run.

The evening will be a songwriters in the round format with 3 sets of performers. Each musician will play 2 songs and it will be interspersed with lot’s of stories and laughter in between.

set one: Sean McGaughey, Ron Belanger, Carol Teal, Dave Joyce
set two: John Lemme, Ed Winacott, Dave Hadfield
set three: Scott Cooper, Roy Hickling, paul court


Over the past seven years, I have featured most of these musicians on my show and I have recorded live concerts with many of them.  Tonight, I produced a podcast featuring songs I have recorded of each of  Friday night’s performers.  I have never recorded  John Lemme, so I used another one of his songs.   Enjoy this sampling of ten Ontario songwriters, and if you are able, come out to the show on Friday night.

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When I heard about the 1st annual Buttertart Festival in Downtown Midland on June 15, I was inspired to write a song about butter tarts. Butter Tarts are a uniquely Canadian treat with a long history… and oh so scrumptious.

Here is Barb Rowlandson and myself performing my song, Great Canadian Buttertart, in her store, Homecoming, in Downtown Midland.


Great Canadian Butter Tart

© Sean McGaughey April 15, 2013

Key of G– Same voicing as Luka.


Hot and sticky, sweet and tasty

dripping out of a flaky pastry

A few bites is a dainty treat,

It’s the finest food that you’ll ever eat


la-la-la-la mmmmm–mmmm

la-la-la-la mmmmm–mmmm

Nothing in the world can warm your heart

like a great Canadian Butter Tart

It was sweet manna for the pioneers

eggs, butter flour, and maple syrup

thick or runny, walnut or raisin

This is the snack we all are cravin’


la-la-la-la mmmmm–mmmm

la-la-la-la mmmmm–mmmm

Nothing in the world can warm your heart

like a great Canadian Butter Tart

Grandma’s recipe has a secret part

She knows baking for family is a work of heart

Whether made by your mama or bought from a cart

There ain’t nothing so tasty as a butter tart.


la-la-la-la mmmmm–mmmm

la-la-la-la mmmmm–mmmm

Nothing in the world can warm your heart

like a great Canadian Butter Tart

Midland Buttertart Festival June 15, 2013

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week from now, my basement will be full of friends and family waiting for me to share Forevuary, my new collection of songs and stories.

This fall and winter I undertook two very creative projects.

In the fall, I cleaned and renovated our basement, creating a lovely warm new rec-room for our family’s enjoyment. (all except the baseboards, which I have put on the 5 year plan) .

This February, on a bit of a lark, I decided to try February Album Writing Month where participants are challenged to write 14 songs in 28 days. To my complete amazement, by the end of February I had written a collection of 20 songs, which I have entitled Forevuary. The themes in my songwriting never stray too far away from childhood, family, faith and living in a small town. You can hear demos of all the songs here on my website .

To celebrate the completion of both of these projects, please join us for a pot luck and house concert in our new rec room where I will perform Forevuary for an audience of my family and friends, and share the stories behind the songs.

House Concert Featuring Sean McGaughey performing Forevuary
Date: Sunday May 5, 2013
Concert to start 2:30 pm
Pot Luck Dinner and jam to follow.

Sean and Nancy McGaughey’s Home in Midland Ontario
This weekend is also Nancy’s Birthday so we will have lots to celebrate.
Please RSVP for directions and so that we know who to expect.


Sean McGaughey

You can RSVP on the Facebook Event page or in the comments below, or just drop me an email.

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